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TKA Video Library

Thanks to the work of Pete Montoya and his video camera, TKA members have available the following videos of seminars that we have held in the past:
check with David Theis to borrow one of the videos below

from Sifu Pete's first box of tapes:
1994 Sifu Mike Blea - (1 DVD)
1995 Sifu Al Decascos - (1 DVD)
1997 Sigung Jon Loren - (1 DVD)
2002 Mr Larry Hall & Sifu Mike Blea - (1 DVD)
2002 Sigung Jon Loren with Sifu Jay Tai Chi - (1 DVD)
2002 Sigung Jon Loren with Sifu Jay Tum Pai - (1 DVD)
2002 Maestro Dan Medina - (1 DVD)
2002 AKA Techniques weekend - (1 DVD)
2002 Olohe Solomom Kaihewalu - (1 DVD)
2003 AKA Techniques weekend - (1 DVD)
2003 Sifu Al Decoscos - (1 DVD)
2004 Sigung Jon Loren - (1 DVD)
2004 Augung Tony Ramos- (1 DVD)
2009 AKA 'Seminar with the Masters' - (1 DVD)
2010 Jay Burkey Tum Pai & Tai Chi - (1 DVD)
2010 AKA October 'a Seminar with the Masters' - (1 DVD) special, almost 5 hours with extra Sunday brunch video footage

David Theis has been converting Sifu Pete's VHSc tapes of our old TKA seminars to DVD.
More seminars will be added as they are converted

Current TKA members can order a copy of any of these videos at the production cost of $5 for each DVD.
Students may order a copy for $10 each DVD, with the proceeds to support ongoing TKA activities and events.

here is a video order form .pdf which you can print out and use to help remember which seminars you want DVDs for: