About Kajukembo:

Kajukenbo was formed between 1947 and 1951 By Professor (Sijo) Adriano D. Emperado, with the aid of 4 other martial artists, in the Palama district near Honolulu Hawaii.  Professor Emperado brought the Kenpo style as well as his background in the Filipino fighting styles to Kajukenbo.  Walter 'Peter' Choo brought the Karate style from his Tang Soo Do background.  Frank Ordonez brought the Japanese style of Jujitsu to Kajukenbo.  Joe Holke brought the Japanese style of Judo with his Kodokan training background.  Clarence Chang brought his Chinese boxing styles of Northern and Southern Sil Lum Kung Fu / Gung Fu.  Together these men formed what they called the Black Belt Society and built a fighting system that drew the best techniques from all the different styles together and built the first truly American Fighting system, Kajukembo.  The name is derived from the first letters of the different styles;  Ka - Karate,  Ju - Judo and Jujitsu,  Kem - Kenpo,  Bo - Chinese boxing


There are 4 branches in the Kajukembo system

Kenpo 'Fist way' - The original system and branch founded and headed By Sijo Emperado

Ch'uan-Fa 'Fist way' - Sijo Emperado working with sifu Al Dela Cruz and later sifu Al Dacascos brought more Southern Chinese influence in to the system.  This branch is headed by Professor Al Dela Cruz

Wun Hop Kuen Do 'Combination Fist Art' - Professor Al Dacascos' expression of Kajukenbo incorporating Northern styles of Chinese Kung Fu

Tum Pai 'Central way' - Branch of Kajukenbo emphasizes the internal chinese arts of Gung Fu.  Tum Pai is Tai Chi principles applied to the system of Kajukenbo.  The Tum Pai section is headed by Professor Lon Loren

Life Dance Martial Arts Studio is under the Kempo Branch of Kajukembo. ( our lineage )

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